Poem – Being able to Put Words to You

Who am I?
Am I who I think I am?
Or Am I deceiving myself?
Is the person who I am now Different from who I actually am?
Is all my good qualities a false assumption?
Or is it the truth?
Or is it something based on another’s truth?

I feel that I know myself
But, sometimes I meet someone completely different from who I am?
The me in the mirror is certainly me
Those dark brown eyes
That black Hair
That childhood scars on my face
But why do I see a me, that I’ve never seen before
We look the same
I’m certain the me in the mirror is me
He moves when I move
But, why?

Why does he feel alien to me?
Why does the way he smiles at me seem forced?
What Have I been hiding from myself?

Who Have I been hiding from myself?

I’ll find him,
And when I do, I’ll find Me
And when I find who I’ve been looking for
Will I see…
A Monster, an Angel or something I never expected him to be?
Will I be able to accept this new ME,
What am I saying he’s always been with me, but I’ve hid him from myself
Will I be able to accept him, and realise he is me


Will I reject him
Turn away
From the Truth I’ve seen in myself
And drown myself
With the emptiness of Falsehood

Slowly, but surely
Losing myself
Slowly wilting inside
As I lie to myself

If I do accept him for who He is
Would that make me a better person?
Would it change me in some way?
Would these feelings that I’m feeling be clear to me now?
Would I be able to achieve what I want now?
Would I be able to hold my head up high?

I’m scared, of what I will find
But, what is there to be scared about?
The worst thing you will find is Yourself
And is that really such a bad thing?
No? Then Look him in the eyes and see for yourself who you are
Yes? Do you really want to live all your life not knowing who you are?
Yes? There’s a bliss in ignorance, but with it comes the pain of regret

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